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"De la Rumba a la Timba" is a collection of photos of Cuban musicians begun in 1994. Numbering over a hundred fifty and growing, the purpose of the project is to document and preserve images of the keepers of the flame of the human spirit that is Cuban Music.

Music is one of Cuba's greatest natural resources. The Cuban GMP (Gross Musical Product) is per capita one of the highest in the world. In Cuba music is like air (and dance is like water). Music permeates both history and daily life, animating, enriching, elevating, aestheticizing, educating and humanizing as it flows. In Cuba even dogs bark in clave. A sarcastic expression in the Cuban vernacular goes "me iré con mi música pa' otra parte," which loosely translates as "me and my music are outa here.

The American embargo of Cuba, over forty years old, not only contributes to the economic deprivation of every Cuban, but also contributes to the cultural deprivation of every American, by preventing us from learning about the rich, healing, profoundly civilized achievements of our neighbors.

David Garten has been photographing Cuba since 1994. His photos of Cuban musicians and dancers have been published in Jazziz and Latin Beat magazines, the New York Times, and seen on CBS Sixty Minutes II. They have appeared on Grammy-nominated CDs for Blue Note, Bembé and Blue Jackel records. He has lectured and exhibited at the University of Vermont and Middlebury College.

San Francisco Bay Area radio personality Jesse Varela wrote about David in the April, 1996 issue of Latin Beat Magazine: "I'd like to send long overdue kudos to photographer David Garten, for his contribution as a photojournalist in capturing those magic moments in Afro-Cuban music from Havana to San Francisco. Based out of Vermont, Garten's dedication to quality makes his work radiate with brilliance."

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