The Gallery features new exhibits on a regular basis. The photographs will be from various photographers in a variety of formats.

This installation features the photos of

Welcome to his exhibit:

"In 1986, I returned form photographing the struggles in Central America and set about finding a photographic subject that celebreated life. I was also interested in exploring the emerging technology that allowed rapid flash work in brilliant sunlight. In San Francisco's late spring Carnival I found it all : color, light, and motion wrapped around energetic and beautiful bodies."

To date Collins has photographed eight Carnival parades. He likes to work the staging area where dancers are nervously preparing for their three mile strut down Mission Street and the finish where weary Sambistas can barely tumble out of their shoes. In these photos Collins looks for those quirky moments that happen between people as well as deeply saturated color.

Collins is preparing a book of his Carnival photographs and is actively seeking a publisher.

He also photographs weddings with the same eye for ritual and relationship that he brings to his Carnival pictures. His wedding work is in both black and white and color. Collins can be reached at 510.658.2577.